Remember to take care of yourself…

I have to admit today was a trying day for my patience and my sanity.  To many things coming at me all at once!  By 5pm I was a wreck..ready to go home and lay on my bed and have a good cry…BUT instead I stuck to my original plan and went to the gym!  Granted that is the last thing I really wanted to do, and I regretted it right away initially when I found out that the class I have been taking every Wednesday without having to worry about a wait list was FULL!  So now I am at a packed gym, #10 on the wait list, and feeling more grumpy than ever…So I waited…and waited until they started calling people on the wait list.  I truly doubted that I was going to get in..THEN…my name was called!  I was the last wait list person called…IT WAS MEANT TO BE!  So I got to go and dance my bad day away (literally).

The reason I post this is because I really realized today that if I don’t take care of myself then the children I see and the people I interact with are not going to get the best part of me.  They are going to get the left over energy that is barely there.  So I can say that the BEST decision I made today was to take care of myself!

This will look different for each of you.  Some may go home and read a book for fun, some may go for a walk, some may go to the gym, some may get a massage or get their nails done.  My point is that whatever makes you relax and brings a smile back to your face is worth doing.  Don’t put yourself on the back burner!  You are IMPORTANT and WORTHY of some TLC!  As educators and parents we forget that and then we get frazzled, short with the kids and ultimately come down with the flu or worse.  It isn’t worth it.  Take some time for YOU!

How do you take time for yourself?  Share with us here so we can find new and fun things to do to keep us sane!

I like to take Zumba classes and feel like a kid dancing again!

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