New Years Resolutions

On the eve of the new year many people are thinking about their resolutions. “I want to get fit.” “I want to travel more.”  “I want to….”  The beginning of a new year is a great time to start fresh, set goals, and try new things.  But how many of you, parents, have thought about resolutions that pertain to your child/adult with special needs?

We are great at making resolutions to help us become better people.  However, could we make resolutions to help children/adults with special needs reach their highest potential?  I think we can.  We being parents, teachers, therapists, etc who work with people who have special needs.  Resolutions don’t need to be LARGE and complicated, they can be small and subtel.  But big or small they can make a HUGE impact on everyone!

I encourage you to make at least one, ATTAINABLE, new years resolution that will help your child/adult succeed in this crazy world of ours.  Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself…

  • What is the next step in my childs education? Is there a transition coming? What do I need to know aobut it?
  • What would make my child more independent?
  • What could I teach my child that would help reduce my stress and/or “To Do List”?
  • What new skill(s) would benefit my child this year?
  • What supports do I need at home/school/in the community to help my child be as independent as possible?

This is just a start.  The list is endless and specific to your child or adult.

Once you have chosen a goal or goals , set an action plan.

For example: 

Resolution A: To find out what the transition from highschool to employment looks like for my child.

Action Plan:

  1. Ask the regional center and school for information. (complete by m/d/y)
  2. Talk to other parents who have gone through this transition.  (complete by m/d/y)
  3. Ask an advocate for assistance.  (complete by m/d/y)
  4. Research orginazations in my community that support this transition.  (complete by m/d/y)


Resolution B:  Create fun educational opportunities at home that support my child’s IEP goals.

Action Plan:

  • Make a list of my child’s IEP goals. (complete by m/d/y)
  • Look around the house and see if I have games/toys/everyday activities that will work on them.  (complete by m/d/y)
  • Reach out for help if I am not sure what activities would support a goal.  (complete by m/d/y)
  • List these activities under each goal.  (complete by m/d/y)
  • Do one of these activities a day/week with my child.  (complete by m/d/y)
  • Keep notes on how they do.  (complete by m/d/y)

Put dates to go with each plan of action and stick to them as best as possible.  This will ensure they get done.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help and suggestions.  Or if you have a play group/friends/etc with similar goals, pool your ideas and resources and work together on them!


Make 2016 a happy and productive year for the entire family!  Post your resolutions where you can see them EVERY DAY!  Modify them if needed and do your best to reach them.

And remember, The Special Education Station is here to help you reach your goals with tons of resources, expertise and fun educational and practical activities that can be catered to you and your child’s needs!

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