Ability Awareness Classes

Parents and Teachers would you like to….

  • stop teasing in the classroom/school?
  • educate students about different disabilities?
  • create a safe environment that celebrates differences?
  • have your students experience different disabilities?

These classes give students the experience of seeing the world from the prospective of someone who has a disability and allows them to speak freely about their thoughts and feelings regarding people with disabilities.

  • for grades 4 and up
  • no more than 32 students
  • tailored to meet your time needs (3 hr minimum, 6 hr maximum)
  • hands on activities
  • follow up activities for teacher to do in the future
  • worksheet packet for students to take home with them


Contact us to get a quote for your Ability Awareness Class.


“Miss Amy presented an Ability Awareness Day for my fourth/fifth grade combination class on 3 consecutive years.  Each year she was asked back by the principal.  The goal was to enable the students to grasp a definition of disability, and understanding of what it means to live with a disability, and finally to be comfortable in a mixed-ability setting.  Miss Amy has an uncanny ability to help children without disabilities understand what it means to have a disability. Through creative mini-lessons such as glasses with varying degrees of vision impairment, or only allowing the use of one arm to perform a typically two-handed task, she was able to temporarily “disable” my students.  These hands-on, experiment-based lessons brought home what living with a disability is like.  Miss Amy also debunked many unfavorable myths and common misbeliefs about people with disabilities. It is without reservation that I recommend her as a creator, and as a teacher.”

Katherine Klein
4th and 5th Grade Teacher