For caring parents of children with and without special needs, The Special Education Station offers real life, practical, fun educational activities and parent training’s. Our on-line community provides cost-conscience, online resources, and time saving tools to help your child grow and thrive.

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  • Low cost print and play activities based on popular toys and books
  • Fun ways to practice educational and life skills and not even know it
  • Leveled for all ability levels
  • You can ask for customized activities too! (see membership levels for details)
  • Individual and group training’s
  • Advocacy
  • IEP Basics Training
  • IEP Advanced Training
  • IEP organization
  • IEP Goal Home Integration
  • Ability Awareness
  • Sensory Garden workshops
  • Lesson books and How to Guides

(for a complete list, please visit the Services Page and/or the Products Page)

  • Community discussion, ask a question get some answers or share your experience with others.
  • Blogs by professionals and parents
  • Local/National resources suggested by other parents and professionals